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April fools

Every year it is fun to play tricks on people with April fools. Sometimes the manufacturers come out with a post for new gear that seems so amazing and perfect, but just a little bit off. April fools. My favorite was this one on Facebook from Edelkrone.

With NAB starting very soon new gear has been slipping out just ahead of the big announcements to get more attention. One I saw was the collapsable rail from Rigwheels. Could be cool. We’ll see if Black Magic can steal the show again this year. I also think we will see a lot more stuff for flying cameras around. Gimbals for stabilizing everything. And of course lots more 4K and beyond.

set safety – Sarah Jones

By now much of the media and the world are aware of the story of the tragic accident on a film set last month. Here are the specifics in a Hollywood Reporter article. I don’t have any new information but it did get me to thinking about all of the sets I’ve been on over the years. I can think of some that could have ended badly. One where home-made squibs were used and burned a young man. On that same film there were other dangerous situations the crew and cast were put into, not necessarily by anyones’ direction just by inexperience and insecurities.

Every year I work with a group of new students and I express to them the importance of set safety, but also ask them to use good judgement about situations they may be put in during the course of the film. This tragic story is a reminder that even the most sensible professionals can end up in an unfortunate situation. Another article pointed out, those in a support role like 2nd AC would trust that the producer and other individuals involved in the production would have protected the safety of their crew. Take care of yourself and your crew.

Everything is widescreen

Now that we are fully entrenched in a 16X9 world, (Don’t tell the broadcasters in the smaller markets) we have embraced the trend in widescreen images for everything. Anamorphics and 2.35 crop is reaching high popularity. From Panavision and Zeiss creating perfect optics to the recently announced Letus Anamorphic adaptor for the GoPro it is everywhere. I think it is great. As trends go, this is one that does not bother me (like 3D).

Now that I have a GoPro, I have to have one of these. The coolest thing is that they took the Superview feature on the GoPro that I really didn’t understand and made it useful. In Superview the camera records the full 4:3 sensor and stretches it to 16X9 1080. Ok, so in Superview your images will be more distorted at the edges but you get a bigger frame. With the 1.33 anamorphic adaptor it records that 4:3 image squeezed and stretches it out to 16X9 1080. No post processing required. You can also record in regular 16X9 and post stretch the image to achieve 2.35:1 images.

I’ll post a sample here as soon as I get mine.

I want this handle

Every once in a while you see a product or tool that makes you think, wow, that would be great. Aaton had a handgrip like this, and I’ve seen ones like this over the years in personal D.P. kits. The reason I decided to post a link to this one is that the guy seems really passionate about shooting hand-held and I can appreciate that. I’m not sure if I can pull out my credit card to spend a grand on a handgrip…

Long production days

Yesterday I finished up a thirteen hour day on set. It wasn’t that grueling shooting products in a comfortable studio environment and working with an excellent crew. Still, after the twelve hours I just feel like I am not capable of giving my full to the project. Maybe I make a mistake? Could be a camera setting, or it could be something more dangerous. We finished up without issue and thankfully I didn’t have another booking the next day. I came home and found this post reposted by some other colleagues in the business. Give it a read and take care of yourself.

digital lightmeter app

You may have downloaded something that may call itself a lightmeter but really is just a toy. I’m excited to try this app. Looks like it could be a pretty useful tool. I still bring my Minolta spot meter to set, but rarely pull it out anymore.