set safety – Sarah Jones

By now much of the media and the world are aware of the story of the tragic accident on a film set last month. Here are the specifics in a Hollywood Reporter article. I don’t have any new information but it did get me to thinking about all of the sets I’ve been on over the years. I can think of some that could have ended badly. One where home-made squibs were used and burned a young man. On that same film there were other dangerous situations the crew and cast were put into, not necessarily by anyones’ direction just by inexperience and insecurities.

Every year I work with a group of new students and I express to them the importance of set safety, but also ask them to use good judgement about situations they may be put in during the course of the film. This tragic story is a reminder that even the most sensible professionals can end up in an unfortunate situation. Another article pointed out, those in a support role like 2nd AC would trust that the producer and other individuals involved in the production would have protected the safety of their crew. Take care of yourself and your crew.